You spend a lot of time in your car and it's one of your most important assets. With the cost of a new vehicle ranging from fifteen to fifty thousand dollars, it simply makes good economic sense to take care of your investment. Vermont seasons are tough on your vehicle, but I'll help you keep your automobile looking great while providing protection from damaging environmental conditions. 

I offer two options for detailing services: 1) You can leave your car with me for the day at Morse Auto located at Route 12 and Dog River Road in Berlin, or 2) I can perform detailing services at your home (note: I'll need to access your water & power source). Mobile services are offered to Montpelier and surrounding areas and with either option detailing generally involves a 6-8 hour process, depending on the size and condition of the vehicle.  

​Call (802) 552-3442 or e-mail Calvin@expertdetailingvt.com